Chitwan is a paradise for bird-watchers, and one of the most rewarding places in the world for spotting and study birds. So far 567 species of birds have been recorded in the park, It is here that you can find an exciting amount of highly vulnerable birds (some of them endangered) which have been enticing ornithologists from the world over for years. The best way to explore and study the bird's activities and behave is to walk with a guide, when we do cover almost all types of vegetation and habitat. Our bird-watching has become much more professional in recent years. Many dedicated  Ornithologist  from the  world  notably  honorable  Carol  Inskipp and  Tim Inskipp, the  British, European,  American  and  Australian  group  have  visited  with United's   expert in Chitwan  and other  protected  areas  of Nepal. Nowhere in the world is there an environment which presents ornithologists with a great challenge, or great variety, than Chitwan.