A jungle walk is certainly the most exciting way to see the national park. All walking are accompanied by at least two nature guides, and trips wonder along the park's trails in search of a rhino or tiger, just not too close. Because, walking groups are lead by unarmed guide ( except for a long stick). As long as there are a few climbable trees around tourists are fairly safe, and groups go out everyday with out accident. Jungle walks come in various basic of lengths; half-day(4 hr), full-day(10 hr), two-days, three-days and up to seven days. The half-day and the full-day trips explore the jungle from Sauraha, while the increasingly popular two-day and three- day trips stay overnight in a local village on  the park's border farther down stream. If you are up to it, the long trip is a great way to see the park; it really covers a lot of ground and time inside the park's boundary.